Are you on track for retirement? These customizable calculators will allow you to run different scenarios and discover how small adjustments could make a big difference for your retirement future.

Am I saving enough to retire?

Will your current savings strategy lead to the accumulation you want? Utilize this calculator to determine when and if your funds will run out during retirement. Your results will provide insight into how long your savings will last and what changes you can make to achieve your goals.

How do tax options impact my savings?

Putting in the same principal and annual contributions, what will you accumulate in a fully-taxable account, in a tax-deferred option (like an FIA) and in a tax-free vehicle?

What are the tax advantages of an annuity?

This calculator compares the tax advantages of an annuity versus an account, where the interest is taxed each year, like a CD. With an FIA, you do not have to pay taxes on the interest earned until you begin making withdrawals. This tax-deferred period can have a dramatic effect on your growth.

What is my risk tolerance?

When it comes to your financial portfolio, what is your propensity for risk? Complete the following questionnaire to see what adjustments you need to make to be on the path to a secure retirement.

What will my Social Security payment be?

Many factors will impact the Social Security benefit you may receive. This calculator approximates your Social Security benefit. Once you know your Social Security estimate, you can determine how much additional guaranteed lifetime income you may want from an FIA.

These calculators are helpful tools in your retirement planning. Please note, they are not financial advice or counsel. Take your results to a financial professional, who can answer your additional questions and advise on next steps.